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Photos of Steam Around The Country

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2005 approaching Glen Finnan backwards 1988.jpg

30457 near Wimbledon in August 1958.jpg

34092 City of Wells near Ambergate.jpg

35028 Clan Line at Matlock Station 1987.jpg

41102 Midland Compound at Preston c 1954 .jpg

41241 on a train near Shipley 1963.jpg

42388 at Swansea East Dock 1961.jpg

42874 near Lichfield 1955 .jpg

43127 Flying Pig at Peterborough 1958 .jpg

44027 pictured at Butterley c1987.jpg

44604 at Normanton c1955.jpg

44660 pictured at Crewe.jpg

44707 passing Princess Street Gardens on the 23rd May 1957.jpg

4472 Flying Scotsman pictured at Penrith on a Railtour 2nd April 1966.jpg

44786 at St. Rollox on the 29th October 1956.jpg

44884 at Larbert Station in Aug. 1966.jpg

44888 near Hellifield 1965.jpg

44893 at Gargrave 1964.jpg

44906 on Shap 1964.jpg

44932 at Fort William.jpg

44932 climbs away from Glennfinnan Viaduct c 1988.jpg

44957 at Stranraer Town with the 3.50pm train for Dumfries in May 1963.jpg

45024 leaving Leeds 1963.jpg

45096 and 75027 on Rose Grove Shed in 1967.jpg

45191 at Buxton c1963.jpg

45225 pictured near Grang Over Sands 1964.jpg

45305 pictured at Carnforth 1967.jpg

45346 pictured with a Black 5 near Chapel En Le Frith 1967.jpg

45357 pictured at Stirling Station at 2.15pm on the 18th September 1965.jpg

45399 on a train near Lichfield 1955.jpg

45593 near Frizinghall with a Bradford - Carlisle Railtour c1966.jpg

45661 pictured at Polmadie on the 29th of September 1956.jpg

45711 pictured at Corkerhill on the 24th May 1957.jpg

45713 pictured at St Rollox on the 29th September 1957.jpg

46110 on a down express near Lichfield 1955.jpg

46149 on The Manxman Express near Lichfield 1955.jpg

46234 Duchess of Abercorn at Crewe North 1955.jpg

46240 near Tamworth c1956.jpg

46256 pictured at Lichfield 1955.jpg

46521 near Newtown 1963.jpg

47003 photographed near Preston 1956.jpg

48744 at Wakefield 1966.jpg

49413 pictured at Willesden Shed on the 7th May 1961.jpg

5025 pictures near Perth.jpg

51321 in the shed yard at Fleetwood 1950 .jpg

5224 South of Quorn 1988 .jpg

5305 between Belper and Ambergate.jpg

5305 near Ambergate.jpg

53809 Arriving At Matlock Bath 1989.jpg

53809 arriving at Matlock Bath in 1989.jpg

53809 at Matlock 1989 .jpg

53809 Near Whatstandwell 1989.jpg

5407 approaching Arisaig.jpg

54483 pictured at St. Rollox on the 29th October 1956.jpg

55227 pictured at Dundee Tay Bridge.jpg

56295 and 45517 at Polmadie on 29th September 1957.jpg

57604 at Carstairs on the 25th of May 1963.jpg

57674 pictured at Polmadie Shed on the 29th of October 1956.jpg

57691 at Dunfermline on the 21st May 1957.jpg

60004 pictured at Haymarket Shed on the 20th May 1963.jpg

60034 at Ferryhill in 1965.jpg

60051 at St Margarets Shed on the 5th March 1961.jpg

60059 Tracery at Marylebone 1957.jpg

60063 passing Harringay in October 1960.jpg

60078 at Haymarket Shed 5th March 1961.jpg

60103 Flying Scotsman at Tyesley c1993.jpg

60103 Flying Scotsman @ Marylebone 3.40pm Monday July 7th 1952.jpg

60161 leaving Edinburgh Waverley on the 28th July 1956.jpg

60512 pictured at St Margarets on the 22nd of August 1963.jpg

60834 and 60004 at Haymarket on the 26th May 1963.jpg

61245 at Edinburgh Waverley awaiting a train on the 11th May 1956.jpg

61731 Class K2 on Colwick Shed 1955.jpg

61996 pictured at St. Margaret's Shed on the 6th October 1957.jpg

62052 at Oban Station 2002.JPG

62052 at Oban Station having just arrived with a train from Fort William 2002.JPG

62420 on shed at Haymarket 21st May 1957.jpg

62483 and 62418 at Edinburgh Waverley in May 1957.jpg

62485 at Dundee Tay Bridge c1957.jpg

64460 on Eastfield Shed 20th May 1957.jpg

64500 pictured at Dalry Road on the 21st May 1957.jpg

64533 at Kipps on 23rd May 1957.jpg

64539 pictured at Hawick 20th May 1958.jpg

64594 near Princes Street in May 1956.jpg

65232 pictured at Polmadie on the 23rd May 1957.jpg

65919 passing Princess Street Gardens on the 6th April 1957.jpg

67502 at Dundee Tay Bridge May 1957.jpg

68954 on Eastfield Shed 22nd May 1957.jpg

69128 at Edinburgh on the 22nd August 1963.jpg

69180 pictured in Glasgow in May 1957.jpg

69194 at Cowlairs on 23rd May 1957.jpg

69500 pictured at Parkhead on 24th May 1957.jpg

69564 on shed at Parkhead 23rd May 1957.jpg

70005 pictured at Stirling c1957.jpg

70012 pictured on a turntable at Paddington.jpg

70035 Pictured at Preston Station.jpg

70037 near Preston in 1965.jpg

7029 Clun Castle at Derby .jpg

7029 Clun Castle at Stratford.jpg

7029 Clun Castle pictured at Stratford.jpg

71000 restored at Loughborough c1987.jpg

72000 pictured on Perth Shed 26th July 1965.jpg

75014 at Achnasheen 1999.jpg

75014 at Inverness 1999.jpg

75014 at Kyle Of Lochalsh 1999.jpg

75069 about to enter High Tor Tunnel near Matlock 1989.jpg

78008 on an Engineers Train at Cleobury Mortimer Nov. 1963.jpg

80080 near Matlock.jpg

80112 taking water at Ballater on the 1st May 1958.jpg

80135 & 82020 at Aberystwyth in Sep. 1963.jpg

92 Squadron Battle of Britain Class 34081 at Sherringham 2008.jpg

92220 Evening Star near Grosmont c1986.jpg

9f Evening Star at Grosmont .jpg

A3 Flying Scotsman at Belper 1988 .jpg

A4 60008 Dwight D Eisenhower on its way to the docks prior to being shipped to the United States .jpg

A4 60008 pictured on its way to the docks .jpg

A4 Mallard at Scarborough 1988.jpg

A4 Mallard at York Station 1988 .jpg

A4 Sir Nigel Gresley at Milford near Derby.jpg

A4 Sir Nigel Gresley Near Aberdeen 1985.jpg

A4 Sir Nigel Gresley passing Totley Sheffield.jpg

BANBURY. Ex G. W. R. Castle Class loco 5072 Hurricane pulls away with an express. c1960.jpg

BANGOR STATION Ex L. N. W. R. with 44901 steaming through with an express. c1959.jpg

BARMOUTH BRIDGE Ex Cam. R. c1985.jpg

BIRMINGHAM SNOW HILL with 46229 on its way to the N. R. M. 1964.jpg

Black 5 44932 near Glenfinnan.jpg

Black 5 On Glenfinnan Viaduct.jpg

BRIDGE OF ORCHY 62052 on a Fort William to Oban train 2000.jpg

BRISTOL TEMPLE MEADS with 6000 about to depart. 1946.jpg

BROMSGROVE 58100 The Lickey Banker c1950.jpg

Butler Henderson pictured at Quorn after preservation c1970.jpg

Caledonian Railway Loco at Aviemore on the Speyside Railway.jpg

City of Nottingham pictured at Crewe in 1961.jpg

CRIANLARICH STATION. 62052 prepares to run round the train. 2000.jpg

DAWLISH A Castle Class loco emerges on to the seafront with train 600 c1952.jpg

DAWLISH Sea Front, train hauled by 6006 c1949.jpg

DONCASTER STATION with 60121 Silurian at the platform. 1961.jpg

DUNDEE TAY BRIDGE looking south c 1955.jpg

Evening Star at Grosmont 1986 ish.jpg

Ex G. W. R. loco 7029 Clun Castle at Derby .jpg

Ex L. M. S. Jubilee Kolaphur at Hall Green Station.jpg

Ex L. N. E. R. B1 Mayflower at Tyesley.jpg

G. C. R. Director Butler Henderson south of Quorn 1988.jpg

GOBOWEN STATION with 1539 on an empty coal train c1938.jpg

HOLBECK LOW.LEVEL STATION. with 40147 at the platform Ex M. R. 1953 .jpg

Kolaphur at Henley in Arden Station.jpg

LEEDS STATION with 4472 Flying Scotsman pictured after preservation c1974.jpg

MALLARD at the N. R. M. York c1985.jpg

MIDLAND COMPOUND near Bedford c1930.jpg

NEWCASTLE STATION with A4 60019 Bittern arriving. 2008.jpg

SHAP. with a Jubilee locomotive and train on the hard climb c1963.jpg

Sir Lamiel at Sheffield Midland Station.jpg

SOWERBY BRIDGE. Ex L. & Y. R. loco No 10443 on the water troughs c1935.jpg

Train on Tay Bridge c1957.jpg


UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA at York c1985.jpg

V2 Green Arrow passes Edale Signal Box.jpg

V2 Green Arrow passes Edale.jpg

WATERLOO STATION Ex L. & S. W. R. with 35028 at the platform. 1963.jpg

WATERLOO. 34058 Sir Frederick Pile pauses with a train by the signal box. c1960.jpg

WEYBRIDGE STATION with 34052 passing through c1964.jpg

Z Class loco 30953 pictured at Exeter Central in 1960.jpg

Z. Copyright Notice.jpg